About Us

KENE is a womenswear brand whose mission is to promote sustainable style over fast fashion trends. Our small batch collections are thoughtfully designed, sourced, and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.

KENE is a brand for fashion-forward women who view their personal style as an extension of themselves and how they want to show up in the world. Our pieces feature classic silhouettes with a modern touch, making them effortlessly unique and timeless. 

We understand that customers appreciate versatility in their wardrobe. For this reason, each piece is designed with the intention of being dressed up or down.  Our goal is to provide quality foundational wardrobe staples with character. 

Our founder, Judy, comes from a long line of enterprising women in fashion beginning with her grandmother who was a major fabric distributor in Nigeria. Judy's mother continued this legacy of selling Nigerian fabrics to friends and family in their home town of Montgomery, Alabama.

Naturally, Judy's affinity for fashion and style paired with her family's legacy of entrepreneurship culminated in the birth of her beloved brand KENE.